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Щом Apple възпрепятства “взаимстването” на функционалности може би е време някой да измисли нов вид UX… и дизайн… и хардуер  :)



Despite the eye-popping award, one of the largest ever in a patent case, the more important effect of the jury’s decision could be the impact it has on Android, the Google operating system used by Samsung and a broad array of other companies in their devices. For every iPhone sold worldwide, more than three smartphones running Android are sold, reflecting the meteoric rise of Google’s software.

Apple’s suit against Samsung, the world’s largest maker of smartphones, has partly been viewed as a proxy war against Google, which Apple executives have derided as a copycat, swiping Apple’s innovations. Steven P. Jobs, the late chief executive of Apple, told his biographer that Android was a “stolen product.”


Много се е говорило, много се е спорило и ще продължава до безкрайност – Apple и/срещу всичко останало. Но, ето един добър коментар от статията в nytimes.com който ми хареса:

It is also clear that Samsung and the others, facilitated by Google, copied as best they could, with very little difference, what Apple had come out with. It is kind of amusing watching them try to pretend that they actually independently came up with the same basic designs all by themselves.

Apple’s products are designed with the user in mind and have a certain personality, so it is more than appropriate that Google chose the name Android for theirs.

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